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It's been ages since a new BANE! Now do me!


I'd like to know how many of these eventually do get the chicken, maybe move rurally and really earn those stripes. I've met a number of them, although sticking it out for a while is another thing.

Also, having moved rurally partly to escape this exact kind of scenesterism, I find here a converse archetype: the rural cosmopolite. They're probably banes of each others' existences.


Cool! I've been waiting for another "Bane", and this one doesn't disappoint! I like the "winking simply becomes blinking" concept. I haven't spotted myself yet, but perhaps it's inevitable that I, too, will join the "Bane" list someday... I can be as annoying as the next guy.

chumpie le chump

it's been too long since the last bane.... while watching the Vancouver riot videos on youtube i noticed many of the "Summer Wrecker" banes...

There are many of these urban woodsmen working at JJ Bean in Yaletown. Sadly, I would take these over the d-bags that have overrun that part of town.

James Lloyd

Materfully played. This one KILLS. You are as incisive with the words as you are the line: "Urban Woodsman" has finally given me the handle I need to haphazardly stereotype yet another aspect of Vancouver culture.
I should really do something on the skateboarding Ginsbergs infesting Mount Pleasant.


"Skateboarding Ginsbergs" - love it!


Thank you, I didn't know what to call these guys either. We have a few of them in Calgary, but here it's still mostly guys in douche-hawks trying to be as LA as possible. In the snow.


Perfectly put, as always.


Your Banes are the best, Rod. I thought you had finally run out, but it's good to see you're still suffering with the best of 'em.


That's it? That's all? After five years I struggle to remember the name of this website...I can't even remember Filbrandt...finally come up with "bane of my existence"... "OOH OOH," I think, "there must be a hundred or more new ones!"

Oh well, maybe you've chosen only to give us your grade-A material. Like Salinger, you know. I mean, apart from "Raise High the Roofbeam, Carpenters, and Seymour: an Introduction."

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