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marz willis

could you make this harpers head?

Luc Latulippe

Quit making fun of my mom! That's my job!


Good call, marz willis. When I think of batshit crazy phobias about plastic bags and second-hand smoke, I think of Stephen Harper.

Sure, it makes no sense whatsoever, but who needs relevance when it comes to hatin' on the Conservatives? And that's what's important, right? High-five!


Yeah, somehow suburban paranoids (who oddly almost always, in my experience, have Left-leaning politics) are secretly almost-but-not-quite "rednecks".

Strangely, while I dislike the "Knicker-Twister" almost as much as you do, I manage to do so without kneejerk urbanism/anti-suburban bigotry or the need to bring in the spectre of the omnipresent yet equally absent "redneck".

(And the invocation of "whitebread"? Nothing but social signalling on your part. Is whole wheat somehow "authentic"? More real, more worthy?

Don't the Authentic Urban Poor actually eat a lot more white bread than the suburban health-paranoid Knicker-Twisters?

Oh, the semiosis!)

(I also think it's perfectly justified to care more about local concerns relating to oneself and one's family rather than always going on about Saving The World.

The very fact that nobody can "stop genocide" unless they're in command of a large military force they can wield as they see fit suggests that most people - if they spout off about it all the time - are doing so as much for reasons of ego-stroking and feeling either important or "morally engaged with the world!" rather than because they're Better Than The Knicker-Twisters.

At least the Knicker-Twister is, despite being ludicrously wrong about the actual extent and degree of danger, concerned with something the Knicker-Twister can have an effect on.)

Pity, really, since the safety-before-all-else mentality and the grabs for power that go along with it should be opposed.

They just need better, more thoughtful opposition than this.

Smarter than you

Geeze Sigivald don't you have a better outlet fer yer expensive university book lernin analysis? Hilarious cartoon.


Awesome! and true t'boot.
The worry-warts these days, coerced by the ever-paranoid inducing American media, seem to believe the ways that got our great+ grand parents through their lives are obsolete, and only they know what's good for us. Maybe if they lifted themselves off the ass-groove in their couch, turned off fox news and went for a walk once in a blue moon, they'd see that thing ain't so bad.


Oh my, unfortunately this is my mother-in-law. Case in point: I recently bought a French Press to make my morning coffee. 2 weeks later, my mother-in-law informs me of the "dangers" of making coffee through a French Press. Apparently, according to her "research," it doesn't "filter out oils that can cause cancer." :O

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