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The bad vibes these types send out is a shiv unto itself... a metaphysical shiv if you will.

Granny Grumbles

The good Lord must love mean, ugly stupid people, because he sure made a lot of 'em. And he made 'em fertile.

Guys like this are a prime reason I hate camping. At least in the city you can call the cops when these idiots are whooping it up next door at 3 AM. In the woods no one can hear you kvetch.

(and WTF is it that makes these people want to go somewhere pretty and quiet to party all night long!? Car commercials that sell the idea of buying a giant gas guzzler to go ripping through the wilderness?)

Antony Hare

Rod: you are a master. Your line work is only barely surpassed by your keen eye. I think there is sadness all around. When I hear it from you, I'm getting a kickass illustration along for the ride no matter what. That's a vitally important thing.

Take care,


Yeah, the bane of Existence itself. I see it as the outcome of the complete absence of a desire for self-betterment (maybe the second generation of same). Just another permutation of the human animal, but undeniably vanquish-worthy. The Conscious must unite!


"Rodent-like ferocity" hits the nail on the head. And speaking of 'nail': No Ambition In Life. That about sums up the rodent type.


I hate the power to ruin they wield. You have two choices - to suffer their presence (ruining your experience), or leave (giving up your experience), as zapping them into shriveled writhing mewling gnats with my super raygun third eye has not been perfected yet.
'Wiry little bad vibe time-bombs' was also right on, Mr.F.

Michael R. Barrick

These guys are a riot.

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