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pass the ever-lovin' arsenic and let me flavor these boys'kumquat martinis.

this duo remind me of the patrons at so many vancouver watering holes...places that grew in the absence of a real drinkers bar...section 3, or the bar the opus hotel, ginger 62...christ, maybe you could do strip of ernest borgnine torching those joints. all the hair products on those $100 haircuts would be great accelerant.


Unfortunitely we're all to familiar with this breed here in Chicago. I think it's the manditory uniform for local University down the street.


Rod, your site always makes me feel better


..and "how do we send it back?"





They're 'extra's' in the real-time bio pic of my life - and like me, eternally waiting for the cue to 'roll film'. Just killing time.

Who's the damn Art Director on this B-Movie, is what I wanna know.


With these guys, I think it's more of a TV movie - with zillions of commercials.


"A reliance on outward displays often betrays an inner insecurity that whines, “I’m unique -- just like everyone else!” In this case, begging for acknowledgement is tantamount to a metaphysical handout -- an ignis fatuus foisted upon passers-by; gaudy façades are the empty vessels of parched egos."

St Vincent

"Fusion tapas solutions"!!! Beautiful... thank you for expanding my bag of useful phrases! It's gotten lots of use already here in the hipster enclave that is Portland, Oregon.

So, of course, when I spotted the photo in the link below, I knew you and your fans had to see it:


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