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I agree how silly this sort of mega-toker tends to be -- a burn-out... but really, or affectedly? -- yet I much prefer him to the faux-bad-ass who can 'hook you up' with some green (which turns out to be essentially sawdust and tastes like Windex) and isn't in it for anything but some kind of tabloid-quality notoriety. I mean, I very much /require/ genuineness from others, but at least this guy's kind enough to espouse a type of peace.

I kinda like urban clowns!

God, I miss the West Coast! Are there still guys that look like that around?! I remember seeing clones of this guy on the Ave in Seattle in the early/mid 90's, but I thought the goofy jester/cat in the hat hats had gone out of style by now.


I think the jester hat is still pulled out at least for gala events, but the tri-coloured Rasta bag-hat is more of an everyday selection. This stuff never goes away because their idea of hip and happenin' moves at a more glacial pace than the rest of the world. And while that might sound all anti-establishment and anti-trendy and so on, Doobie's half-hearted dabbling in ethnic appropriation and cultural piracy betrays a certain lazy attempt to score cool points with somebody somewhere - most likely a bunch of other guys encrusted with Rastawear.


I still love Mick Sleeper's term for them: Impostafarians.

Al aka El Negro Magnifico

I made a new year's resolution a while back to not laugh at white folks with dreads. It's hard to do...there's so many!


I live in Vancouver, BC, and I never see people like this, this one was weak.


Fee, where you looking - Yaletown? Try living off Commercial Drive for a couple of years then get back to me. Or ever hear of the Gulf Islands?


This "super potent" weed that is kicking around still isn't that strong. While you are believe that this weed is super strong and therefore super dangerous it is worth noting that the average concentration that you would find in bud all over the US is about 7%. In Amsterdam the average potency is about 15% and hash -which has been kicking around since the middle ages - is usually about has a potency of 90-95. Please, at least do a little research before spouting misinformation.


You have inserted words into my mouth, Aaron - I do not believe weed is "super dangerous" and also, this is not a fucking science journal.

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