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and I do love dogs

You forgot to mentioning the loud and yippy dogs! The little ones that are constantly yip, yip, yipping, that we're all supposed to adore, and the big ones that'll come charging towards you while loudly barking.


well put. you might enjoy my brother's story and my drawing of what happened on a recent bike ride on my blog at

or not...


Uh, yeah. Well, at least the dog was unharmed.

I'm sure I needn't point out that I'm aware that a healthy percentage of city dog owners aren't assholes and don't own giant slobbering beasts that they keep penned up in their apartments. The people I'm lampooning here wouldn't even recognize themselves in the cartoon, or their nitwitted conduct. And while I infer that I'm not a dog-lover I must point out that the feeling is mutual - dogs and I just aren't making the scene together, man. But I don't hate them or want to see them run over or anything.


From what I understand, Hitler was in actuality a dog-lover.

Happily, he went on to commit suicide in his underground bunker.


But not before testing out the cyanide pills on his dog.

Philip Shade

Warren Ellis may be the dog hater you're thinking of.

I always enjoy when some big dog owner stands by and laughs "they're playing" as their monster tears at a smaller, crying, pup at the park.

I'm a suburban guy, but I admit whenever I visit my brother's place in Staten Island, I blow-off the dog on a leash rule of his condo complex.

Drives my sister-in-law insane. ;)

Luc Latulippe

This Bane also often engages in complex conversations with their dog, as though they're human:

"Poopsy, you know Mommy doesn't approve of you acting that way! Do you want to go on a time-out? Because if you do, you just keep biting that man's leg and you'll-- Poopsy! I said Stop it! What part of "stop it" don't you understand? (Gosh, I'm sorry she's biting you, but you probably scared her. If you just stop bleeding and screaming, she'll probably let go. She's more afraid of you than you are of her.) Poopsy!! Stop it NOW, or there's no TV for you tonight! My stars, it's like talking to a wall!"

And so on.


Yup - I've been on the receiving end of "you scared her" - when apparently my doing nothing or simply trying to keep walking was quite terrifying.


These are so great. You're vocalizing many Vancouverites thoughts with this! And with such accurate wit. I also love the "I'm an artist" comics.
(glad I discovered the blog, I always look for your comic in the Straight)


I like dogs but can't stand irresponsible dog owners. My brothers and I have done a lot of running in our time and have all been attacked too many times to count and bitten at one time or another. Shocker: dogs like to chase running humans.

If you run in a municipal park, expect to be chased. Owners aren't aware of their surroundings so often don't see you coming, forcing you to run between them and their dog(s), etc. "He doesn't bite," they tell you, and you're supposed to bet that it's true and take the risk, having been bitten in similar circumstances in the past.

In my park in Gresham, OR, leash-only ordinance signs are all over the place, but people come from all around to run their dogs over the long greens. It seems as if every other dog owner now has one of those sling-like devices that throw a ball long distance for the dog to fetch. Obviously the leash laws are a mockery.

There are many responsible owners (God bless 'em) but there is still dog crap all over the park.

I try to be reasonably polite, but those whom I've confronted while running have either been extremely rude or just plain dismissive ("Relax, dude," said one grunge holdover walking four or five leashless, mid-sized dogs at twilight).

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