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Awesome rant, my friend. You are the King, the Emperor, the very Pompitus of Rants, and I salute you.

And of course Sting cackles! He's an "environmentalist" with six kids, and the people have BOUGHT IT.


Man, when you get goin' GET goin', don't you? Well said, young padre. Still, with all of Mr. Costello, I never had the hard on for him that so many others did from the beginning. It's my age, I think. Hell, I remember when Bacharach was actually on the pop charts. (hey, don't stone me 'cause I'm an old guy, OK?) And when the google-eyed tramp wed the jazz diva I dug that shit. I guess what I'm saying is I think they ALL get to a point when faded gory is practically invisible and they think "why not?" Except that I can't see Tom Waits making that move. Not after the Frito thing. I think he'll hold out. But then, I might actually want to see that Bounty commercial now that I think about it. "...what's he doing in there with that roll of Bounty? What's he doing in there...?"


It all started for me with the re-union of the
SEX PISTOLS...wha????
for gawd sake...and yes the blister in the sun
(was it wendy's..barfer king? )was the stake in my pun(k) intended...*groan!


Yeah, the Pistols tried to sneak it by us just by admitting that they were all about the filthy lucre - the folding back on itself burrito of bullshit logic.

Yet it seems no one has stepped up to the plate and tried to put a Pistols song in an ad, I don't think. I think "Bodies" would be perfect for Dove soap.


Having just viewed the advert in question, I feel you are pissing up the wrong rope. Clearly the person selling-out here is Beethoven. What was he thinking? I'm pretty sure he doesn't even drive.
But seriously, why is Elvis sitting out in his car listening to tunes? Are the twins sleeping in the house? Perhaps Diana doesn't care for classical.
Okay, his integrity is definitely riding a runaway luge of bad judgement. And it's not easy to stop a luge. But don't toss out your old Elvis albums yet. It may just be some kinda temporary hormonal imbalance or Viagra reaction, or something...
Ah, who am I kidding? Most likely his next stop will be the dinner show at the Riviera. And that's no Jake.
Of course, If you are tossing out the old catalogue, put me down for everything prior to 'Kojak Varieties'. Except 'Almost Blue'...


Good point, Sheck. Beethoven, worse than Moby.


I don't know about all of these particular cases, but sometimes if a recording is published by a big record company then the artist really no longer owns it, and has no say in how it's sold. A few years ago Wrangler Jeans used CCR's "Fortunate Son" in a horrifying jingoistic TV ad, highlighting the lyric "some folks were born made to wave the flag" but leaving out the "it ain't me" parts. John Fogerty was pissed off about it but there was nothing he could do.

Obviously, Costello sat in the car of his own free will.


Fogerty's legal battles over his CCR catalog is the stuff of legends and they were indeed pimping his songs out against his will - sort of like "Revolution" and Nike and the whole Yoko vs. Michael Jackson business. I know it happens. The other two guys in the Violent Femmes are apparently quite outraged at the Wendy's fiasco wrought by their shameless, greedy frontman.

And that's all any of it is - greed. You can dress it up and you can call it Shirley, but it's still greed.


Tom is pretty much the only one standing his ground.

"Commercials are an unnatural use of my work," Waits said after fans alerted him to the ads in 2005. "It's like having a cow's udder sewn to the side of my face. Painful and humiliating."


Yeah, Shane MacGowan and Cadillac. Could two things be more diametrically opposed? Honestly, this is the first time I've ever been truly shocked by the rock/commercial sellout. With Elvis, I blame the new wifey- it was probably a twofer deal. And with the Femmes, well, not as surprised either- that band's been through various incarnations. But the when I heard Shane's snarling growl backed by an Irish band and then saw it was background to onto an upper-class American suburban family of four I honestly thought I was imagining things! I must have heard wrong. Seriously. If only. I guess I finally found my threshold. Cadillac.


I think what's hilarious about use of some songs is that they are a bit off-color to shill stuff. I mean, Cadillac actually uses the line "heart full of hate and a lust for vomit" in the commercial. Do you really want to eat that Wendy's mayonnaise knowing the lyric "I stain my sheets" is in the original?

The ad agencies don't seem to care what gets played to an unattentive public. It's like hypnotizing chickens: forget your torture film and go on a cruise.

David Stoesz

I really wanted to think you were overreacting. Then I watched the commercial. Now I want to go somewhere and lie down for a few days. Because, see, I've been the most stalwart Elvis fan of them all. I have all his classical shit, ok? I think the Bacahrach material is genius. I get in arguments in bars all the time with all those closed-minded "nothing after King of America" people, and I've actually converted some of those people with carefully chosen compilatons of the more recent stuff.

OKay, When I was Cruel gave me pause (i.e., it sucked) and the Delivery Man was almost unlistenably bad (except for a couple of great tunes).

The point is, I've suffered for that asshole, but this is far, far worse than anything I could have imagined. God. I saw him in Vanity Fair, too, pimping a credit card or something, and thought it was just a one-shot deal. Could he be saving money for some massive artistic project that wouldn't get funded otherwise? Ok, forget it, you're right. He's gone. And if he's lost me, he's REALLY in trouble.

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