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Oh my god, its my DAD! You forgot to add that he lives some place "Green: but super expensive, like Vermont (snicker). I love this series by the way. "Shiny Butter Face" freaks me out.

Organ Leroy

Have you baned yourself yet? Or are you in the collection already?


This is so funny! This is the actual Seattleite that I know of. Just walk around by the market on any Sunday and you'll see these people all over the place.

La Burladora

Oh my god! You hit this one right on the money! My area is crawling with these guys...they suck!

Luc Latulippe

I forgot about this one! You could also place him in West Van, but you'd have to add "3rd-gen Canadian, yet insists on using a fake British accent."


You are my new hero! Awesome!


I call this one the "Seattle Sombrero Man" -- google that and you will see what I mean-- these guys are smug in the knowledge that they are more knowledgeable and prepared than the "Californians" they think have ruined their stink

A lot of times they can be seen with dark sunglasses (even on a stormy day) so they can check out the teenage girls and sneer at their inferiors. Tons of em on Bainbrige Island--must be a breeding ground.

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