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Thank you for again saying what we're all thinking. There's loving one's fellow wo/man, but it shouldn't require a vivid imagination to detect another's humanity.


hee hee...rodential.

this guy rear-ended me a few weeks ago....


These guys help make the Vancouver Fireworks/Stabbing Festival a true delight.




Eventually, this humor style will be played. What will you do after that?


Oh, and someone is telling me to add "You will never be Daniel Clowes". I'm not sure what they mean by that.

Dominic Bugatto

These posts are a hoot.

Thanks for the sorely needed injecion of humour in my workday.


Thanks, Dominic. And TCV - zzzzzzz...


These are great...I'm pretty sure this particular guy lives at the end of my did this type of person happen?

What mutation of pop culture and Scotch-Irish breeding could create such a creature?


Teh funny! These guys are a particularly pathetic subset of the food court crowd. K-Fed indeed. Yet their still completely unable to score with the Brittany clones.


How can character assassination ever grow old?

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